What is a Preorder and Why is it Necessary?

We try our best to listen to all of our Gritty Gals and take note of your requests on restocks for those hot selling pieces.

We work really closely with a selection of 5 star trusted vendors on bringing in our best sellers and bringing back our most popular items.

We have built up both a relationship and trust with those vendors so that when one of your favorite pieces is most likely sold out very quickly, they can alert us if and when they will be bringing that hot selling item back.
They will then extend the offer for us to preorder those items and give us an estimated ship date. That date can vary or change if the manufacturer is delayed in production or shipping on their end.

Once a preorder is placed there will be NO CANCELLATIONS ALLOWED!

THIS INCLUDES: If the Manufacturers date changes. 
Once the estimated ship time is given to us, it will be posted in the item description and will be updated if changed by the vendor or manufacturer.